The racket technology has changed a lot the past 25 years, and the advanced technology has contributed to more speed and power in badminton. This also means that we as racket manufacturer have to make even better rackets and always improve our racket technology. It would not be possible to use the old wooden rackets in todays speed and power game. The trend has moved towards lighter rackets bringing the required speed into the game. On the other hand it is important to maintain a certain weight in the frame to produce the power which is also very much needed on court.

FZ FORZA is at the forefront when it comes to badminton racket technology, and this year’s racket collection is no exception.



Our carbon fi bre technology uses the # shape interweaving to closely weave the layers of carbon fi bre, forming a strong powerful network of tense carbon graphite. This adds torsion stability to the racket frame and shaft for increased precision and durability.


As we continue to improve our rackets and strive towards creating the best racket in the world, we continually resarch and develop new materials and ideas to take our rackets to the next level. Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT) is based on extraordinary small scale advancements in the material construction. Thanks to our cooperation with Aalborg University in Denmark, FZ FORZA is able to introduce world-class rackets manufactured using polymer composite materials modifi ed by Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT). Thanks to the MWCNT technology your FZ FORZA racket has improved durability in comparison with conventional rackets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fi bers together will ensure toughness and damage tolerance.


FZ FORZA’s spongze technology is a way of alligning the molecules inside the resin, binding the graphite together at a Nano-level, creating small spaces of 5-20 nanometre (1/1,000,000,000m) inside the solid graphite. This acts as small airbags/springs inside your racket, creating a much softer feel while playing and absorbing the shock of the shuttle impact. This innovative technology will relieve your wrist, elbow and shoulder, so you can hit the shuttle at your maximum power always without absorbing the effects of the impacts as your racket does this for you. As the spongze technology reacts as a spring, your racket will also transfer more power at impact.



Kevlar® is a very advanced material which combines great strength with light weight. The material is elastic and yet 5 times stronger that steel. Therefore Kevlar® has a lot of uses and is used for bulletproof vests among other things. When FZ FORZA uses Kevlar® in combination with graphite in the rackets we can make light and extremely strong rackets with a lot of power. Kevlar® helps absorb the shock at impact, making the racket feel soft and comfortable which let you generate more power.


Titanium is a very light and rigid material which is used to build space shuttles among other things. The combination of graphite and titanium increases the racket’s durability and gives the racket increased control.


Most players want the least amount of torque in the shaft as possible. That’s why, when we apply more that 25 years of badminton knowledge into the weaving process and combinations of the different angles, we fold our graphite layers so we end up with shafts that have up to 9% less torque than comparable shafts from competitors. This hugely affects your game as you are gaining precision without sacrifi cing power, fl exibility and control.


The slim shaft greatly reduces the air resistance when swinging and it greatly increases your swing speed but with less effort. The FZ FORZA slim shaft rebounds almost as fast as a conventional shaft, meaning that you get much more stability and accuracy, making it a superior choice when you are looking for a slim shaft rackets.


With an outer diameter of only 6,0 this is the thinnest shaft in the world of FZ FORZA, with an aerodynamic shaft for super fast action. Combining the super slim shaft with HM carbon fi bre in the build, we end up with a super thin shaft, that still has amazing playability and feel. This shaft is for players who enjoy playing with increased speed and need fast reactions.



Combining the benefi ts of the hexa and octagon shape, this innovative shape gives you both increased strength in the racket, while being thinner on top. Decreased air-resistance combined with less torque makes this a precise, fast and durable weapon on court.


The slim frame is 12-18% thinner than conventional rackets. We achieve this by combining superior high grade materials and resins with our proprietary production methods to achieve a slimmer racket frame that moves faster through the air, without sacrifi cing power or torsion.


FZ FORZA has developed a hexagon frame which is more narrow and stronger than usual. It gives reduced air resistance and less torsion. That means faster reactions, better control and more power.


FZ FORZA’s wide body frame is an extra wide frame construction that makes the frame more rigid and stable – synonymous with greater control and greatly enhanced power. The wider body enables players to string the racket harder thus adding to the overall power transfer when hitting the badminton shuttle.

LAST – Low Aerodynamic drag system technology.

By applying micro-thin sheets of a special hybrid-composite material on the inside of the frame, we have managed to create a smoother inner surface, which in return means less air resistance and increased swing.


With a rounded edge on the outer frame the air fl ows smoothly around the rackets, resulting in less drag and more power.


Expanding on our existing knowledge of creating playable and stable superior slim frames, we have taken the technology one step further. During test in wind tunnels there is 14% less drag compared to conventional frames and 6% less than our slim frames, meaning that you will get your racket to the shuttle faster, allowing you to react faster.


Our newly developed frame reduces drag and air resistance during your stroke, enabling you to deliver more power and precision. Furthermore the more rigid T-joint construction offers a much more stable frame with almost no torsion, allowing you to put the shuttle exactly where you want it.


FZ FORZA has developed a octagon frame which ensures that the air fl ows around the frame with greater ease, thus increasing your reaction time. The frame is also more narrow and stronger than usual reducing air resistance and providing torsion. The frame design is extra durable, making you play stronger for longer.


88 SPS (String power system)

FZ FORZA’s revolutionary SPS is a part of all our new top-of the-range models. The SPS is favoured by many top players and players looking for a high tension feel. The SPS provides a unique shuttle contact, and tests show a striking force up to 18 percent more powerful even when missing the Sweet Spot. The secret to its success is the fact that you get more string/power behind each contact with the shuttle, increasing the effect you have on where you want to put it next.The SPS improves string durability noticeably. As it feels like adding 5-6 lbs. to your string tension, you put much less stress on the strings thereby prolonging the lifespan of your strings. Besides extra power and improved shuttle contact, a FZ FORZA SPS racket will also save players a lot of money.

96 SPS (String power system)

FZ FORZA’s revolutionary SPS – to the max capability of the racket. This requires a top level player to handle, as this is the F-1 of badminton. The ultimate in power and control, but with an slightly increased risk of damaging the racket.


Muzle Power locates the string on rounded archways that eliminate stress-load and fatigue through contact friction. This construction creates total unity of the string and frame through closer and tighter contact.


When applying inside muzle power to our rackets, it creates a more durable frame. The torsion is less for more accurate shots, and the frame will stay fi rm for longer, making sure that you get enjoyment out of your racket for longer.


When we released our ground breaking 6U racket, we were the fi rst to offer a playable below 75 gram racket in 100% graphite. With several technologies in both shaft, frame and production, combined with use of the best materials, we are now taking it one step further and introducing Light 8U with a weight of only 68 gram. It does not come any lighter than that. A fantastic fast and easy to play racket. A racket that gives you the swing speed you have always been dreaming about.


The slightly oversized frame helps increase the sweet spot, for easier shot-making and increased fun while playing. The racket is still light and the special shape of the oversize head means that you will still be able to generate lots of power. The future of over size rackets has started here.